Friday, October 19, 2007

Kontair - Improved form and concept

The design and the subsequent model packs of my character, Kontair, who I will be modelling for my demo real, were a bit bland, lacking in detail, and had some bad structure. Overall, I didn't really like it all that much.

So, I redid his form and planned out his accessories and clothing from scratch; posted below is an image of some "old person" muscle studies which I'll be using during the modelling process, with the front view of Kontair, completely redesigned. To the left of the main form, is the old character, just so that you can see the idea that I was going for, the improvements I've made, and the tattoos I'll be creating separate model packs for. To the right of the main form, is the new form, with the planned clothing. Anything extra on That form will be modelled separately and attached to the character. This is mainly because I would like to do some cloth effects and some shifting during my demo reel. Comments, Critiques, and Suggestions are very welcomed.

The design for my Character, Kontair, a 3D model i will be building for my Demo Reel

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FUNNYMAN said...

Nice artwork. You are really talented.