Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dominance War III

It's been a crazy few months over here at the Centre for Arts and Technology - Kelowna, so crazy that I've had no time to work on this little blog of mine. I did so much that I have no idea where to start... so much so that I will start with something completely unrelated to my school.

During this semester, I joined a mini compatition over at gameartisans.org
It was in preperation for the next Dominance War as well as a way for me to keep busy during an unexpected week long break.

My entry was an Assassin type character who was captured and tortured to become what he is. The body is 650 Tris and the weapon/armour are 150 triangles:

My Entry: Cruciatus
A rendered rotation of my Mini 3D Challenge entry, the tortured assassin.

The compatition is now over, and although I didn't really win, a lot of people seemed to like it *shrugs*
Next up:

Lets all join the fight for 3D Dominance!
Yes, I'll be throwing in my bit in this year's 3D war.

My entry post

Feel free to visit my post and comment on my work, I usually take critique well and I appreciate any help I can get. My character is called a Dark Eater, he uses the Dark/Void energy around him to power his artifact the Wings of Atra. Since the character is blind, I plan on giving him a wicked full face helmet.

"Deone Cyph was an average child, growing up with an average childhood, completely unaware of his heritage and the destiny he was to fufill. His father, the only one whome he ever knew, loved him dearly, telling Deone heartfelt stories of his mother and the tragedy of her loss even before Deone's memory.

One day, while enjoying a walk in the woods near his home, Deone noticed a circle of jagged stones reaching skyward. Inexplicably drawn to the aged monument, Deone crept closer and closer, noticing strange scratches on their surface. Deone was so captivated by the stones that he failed to notice the one that caught his foot and sent him spralling on the ground, hitting his head against one of the ancient stones.

After a few hours of unconsiousness, Deone woke up in a daze and crawled to the stone that had braught him misfortune. As he wiped the lichen and dirt off the words written there Deone blanched at the sight. It was his mother's grave. Dulled by the shock of finding his mother's final resting place, Deone read on. "This is my gift to you, my son." Deone couldn't comprehend the words, as if they were written in a foreign tongue and by someone who couldn't spell for their life. Stumbling from the grave, Deone was once again drawn, like a thousand strings tied to his body, to the circle of stones. Carefully walking around the grave, Deone crept into the circle to stand in the middle. "hmmm, gift? i don't get..." his words cut short by a lighting strike... seemingly out of a clear blue sky.

Deone, still somehow alive and concious, groped the ground in an attempt to catch his balance. The lighting had plunged him into a world of darkness, and no matter how much he strained his eyes, Deone could not see. All of a sudden, his world turned a dark blue of different shades as the hairs on the back of his neck stood straight. He knew someone was behind him and as he turned, he heard his father's voice, "I see you've enherited it, the Wings of Atra, and I must teach you now, how to use it, but it doesn't seem like you'll be much trouble." The dark blue and green figure in his vision pointed an i'll defined hand at his. Thats when Deone noticed he was holding a sword, as tall and a half as him, as light as air, crackling with sickly black sparks."

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