Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Some Updates - Work and Life

Wow, a lot has happened since only two days ago.

ICBC and the Mounties

First I want to just say how annoyed I am with the quality of the police force here in Kelowna. When I went for my appointment to meet with the people at ICBC ht person who was handling my case, told me that the police officer who had taken the statements had said that the accident was completely my fault, which was absolute rubbish, since the police officer never even took my statement properly, and didn't even note that the accident happened on the wrong side of the road, where the other driver wasn't supposed to be driving in the first place.

Luckily, being the smart chap that I was, I had taken some photos and had gone to Google Maps and gotten the satellite photo of the road. I showed these to her, and you could see the "oh!" on her face as plain as day. So hopefully I won't be liable at all, because that wouldn't be very fun.

My girlfriend is finally home

My girlfriend, who had visited her parents in Quebec and had ironically left the day after the accident, came home on Tuesday. It was a joyous occasion and filled with celebration... between the two of us at least. There were lots of snuggles to be had and I enjoyed every moment of it. :)

Now onto the work

Pictures showing my Fire Salamander's head currently in progress For the last part of this post, I want to post the work that I've done on my Salamander in Zbrush. I believe it is coming along very nicely and I expect great things from me in the weeks to come. So far I've just been doing the head, refining my idea and getting out my urge to work on him the whole night. Comments, critiques, and suggestions would be appreciated, because it's always good to try to improve thy self.

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