Thursday, May 1, 2008

AoC & The Secret World

I've been hard at work this last week, getting caught up in all the work I need to finish and also getting caught up in some of my hobbies.

Here's another model that I started a couple of days ago:
Robotic Survivor

Back View of the Robotic Survivor ModelFront View of the Robotic Survivor ModelSide View of the Robotic Survivor Model

Rotation So Far:

AoC & The Secret World

Two things that I've spent way too much on, and not even playing...
I pre-ordered Age of Conan last week and have been religiously following the game as it comes closer and closer to the launch date in May.

The game looks awesome so far and my blood is rushing to start going!

The Secret World (a.k.a. Cry Gaia) is another MMO that the Funcom people are building based on today's world (first contemporary MMORPG) It was introduced as a letter sent to one of the Gaming websites, and if you figured out all the clues and riddles, it led you to the official forums/website for the game... Ingenious marketing in my opinion.

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