Saturday, March 8, 2008

Put the Spotlight on Your Questions!

Get heard at next saturday's Gaming Industry Spotlight Event!
Getting Answers

Heres a chance to get all your burning questions answered by some real industry proffesionals. If theres a question that has been bugging you about the Gaming or CG/3D industries then now is the time to ask!

Next Saturday(March 15th) a few industry proffesionals will be attending an Industry Spotlight Event and the students of the Centre for Arts and Technology will have the oppertunity to ask them any question.

- Peter Hogan: Senior FX Artist (simulation and particle guru) Peter was also a modeller on a few other projects. His advice will be invaluable to all modelling students with an interest in simulation FX!

- Peter Ricq: Art director. Peter will breakdown his process of designing an animated series, developing its atmosphere and characters. He will also show clips from his films.

A breakdown of the animation pipeline, from the original concept to the finished product that is ready to go gold will also be one of the main focuses of the discussion.

So post your questions in the comments. A list of the Ten best will be posted a few days before the Spotlight!

I impore everyone who wants to be in these Industries to post any and all questions they have about the industry. This is a rare chance that they are giving us and I personally can't wait to meet these guys. *two thumbs up*

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