Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Modelling Drill 1 - Helmet

For our first drill in modelling, each modeller had to recreate a spartan-ish helmet from a single image.

Here is the helmet I had to do:a picture of the reference i had to do the spartan helmetAnd here is what my model looked like after 3 hours:
The wireframe for my first spartan helmet
The shaded view for my first spartan helmet

In my opinion, a relatively successful attempt.
I started with a sphere, shaping it into a head-like shape. After achieving the general shape of the helmet, I took out the bottom and made way for the eyes. Then I worked on my overall edge-looping, trying to make it as smooth as I could while developing the shape further. After all that, I worked on the engraving on the top. That ate up most of my time and it had to be done on the model (not using bump/normal/displacement maps) and still it didn't come out how I would have liked it to. Mostly, a pretty productive 3 hours.

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